NSFAS Login Portal Guide For MyNsfas

To login to your NSFAS online portal will require some personal information and passwords. We have the full details for you on how to use the NSFAS service.

NSFAS is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme which is a government loan and bursary fund for students at public institutions. NSFAS application and registration opens in the later part of the year for students with the NSFAS closing date usually being in the next calendar year.

Being that NSFAS is the most sought-after bursary funding scheme in the country, many students will be forced to practice patience whilst awaiting confirmation for funding, as it does take a while in many cases. Nonetheless, having NSFAS funding proves extremely beneficial to students in financial need.

What does NSFAS funding cover?

NSFAS gives bursaries to students from poor and working-class backgrounds which goes beyond just paying for your fees. They’ll also provide financial support for your registration and tuition fees, accommodation, transport, and books.

Students supported by NSFAS and living in self-catering residence will also benefit from receiving monthly living allowances.

So what are the NSFAS requirements?

The most important requirement is that your combined household income should come to R350 000 or less per year. This means that if you add up everyone’s salaries in your house for the year and it comes to over R350 000, you won’t qualify. 

Usually, students and future students will submit their NSFAS online application for a NSFAS bursary using myNSFAS.

How To Create A myNSFAS Login Account

Creating a myNSFAS account is the first step to starting your NSFAS funding journey with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. You will need this myNSFAS account to apply, check your NSFAS application status and to keep up with your NSFAS journey.

You can create a myNSFAS account by going to the NSFAS website, clicking on myNSFAS and providing NSFAS with the information they require.

How To Log Into Your myNSFAS Account

Doing your myNSFAS login, account details such as your ID number and myNSFAS password will need to be entered.

It’s important that you don’t share your myNSFAS account login details with anyone and to keep it safe and secure.

What is the NSFAS application process?

As mentioned, to submit a NSFAS funding application through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, you will need to create a myNSFAS account and do a myNSFAS account login.

You will then need to provide the required details such as your ID number and your own cellphone number and other personal details about you before the application closing date. Then, you will need to submit supporting documents such as your ID document with your NSFAS online application form.

NSFAS filtering your application will then be NSFAS conducting third party checks with the home affairs database and SARS to check things such as your combined household income. This is their way of checking if you qualify for NSFAS funding.

It’s therefore important for NSFAS applicants to constantly check their NSFAS status and on the myNSFAS screen, upload all the documents NSFAS needs for their NSFAS bursary online application to be valid.

Ultimately, whether eligible students qualify for NSFAS funding is based on their higher education admission status and NSFAS will then mark your NSFAS status as ‘awaiting registration’ after there has been qualifications validation.

It might take a few months of doing the work to track funding progress before your NSFAS application status is approved.

How To Check Your NSFAS Application Status Using Your NSFAS Account

Once you’ve done your myNSFAS account login with your ID number, you will then be able to track your NSFAS funding progress on the student portal. Sometimes you will need to submit documents, such as your ID document, for your NSFAS funding to be considered.

There are many different NSFAS application status messages you will see. Careers Portal has everything you need to know about your NSFAS application status, NSFAS account and the latest updates about NSFAS funding.

Your NSFAS Status Check Updates Mean

One of the most common NSFAS status messages you will see is the NSFAS ‘evaluation’ status, when tracking your NSFAS online application form on the NSFAS website. This means that NSFAS is verifying all of the supporting documents you have submitted during your NSFAS application.

Careers Portal has everything you need to know about NSFAS, your NSFAS application status and what the NSFAS funding process.

How To Contact NSFAS

NSFAS platforms:

Toll free number: 0800 067 327

E-mail: Info@nsfas.org.za