Fix Your Pending SRD Grant Application

Fix Your Pending SRD Grant Application

The following are steps on how to Fix Your Pending SRD Grant Application.

When submitting your Sassa R350 SRD application, you may want to check Sassa’s status. Your Sassa SRD status may be listed as ‘re-application pending’ so it is extremely important to check. You can do something about that Sassa pending status for your R350 SRD grant by following the steps below.

When times are tough, the SRD offer is a very important measure of comfort for so many people. The R350 SRD grant is administered by Sassa and typically works smoothly.

However, there are times when there are problems and people wonder when they will be paid. To make sure you’ll get the money, you’ll want to check Sassa application status of your R350 grant.

But what is the satisfactory way to do a Sassa status check?
SASSA has responded to many questions regarding the ‘Re-Application Pending’ status of its Special Distress Relief (SRD) beneficiaries.

After obtaining the Sassa application status ‘Re-application pending’, what should you do?
Using the SRD Sassa website, you can then reapply for your Sassa application for R350 grant.

Here are the steps to follow to fix Sassa SRD Pending Application

Go to
Enter your cell number
Click on “Send SMS”
Then enter the one-time pin (OTP) that Sassa sent to your phone
Continue with the reapplication by filling the necessary remaining steps

An applicant must consent to Sassa checking their identity, residence, income or social security benefits after taking the Sassa means Test.