How to apply for new R350 Grant in 2022

How to apply for new R350 Grant in 2022

The president has recently extended Sassa R350 SRD grant for one more year. The grant extension has been announced during his 2022 state of the nation address (SONA). If you have not yet applied for the current grant, you may do so now. There is no closing date for applications.

Ways to apply for R350 grant

How to apply for R350 Grant 2022? There are several ways you can use to apply for the R350 grant. Note that, if you have already applied, there is no need to reapply now. Below you will find different channels you can use to apply for R350 SRD Grant in 2022.

When did the application opened?

The R350 grant applications were opened on August 6th 2021, at 9am and the applications do no close until the end of the grant period. These SRD grant applications will close in March 2023 as it has been extended by the president recently.

Sassa on Twitter, the agency said:

You can also apply for the special SRD COVID-19 Grant via or Facebook messenger

How to apply for R350 Grant

Here are the channels you can use to apply for the R350 grant:

  1. WhatsApp: 082 046 8553. The second method you can use is WhatsApp. U se the number provided here to start a conversation with the chat bot to apply.
  2. USSD Line: Dial *134*7737#. If you prefer applying with a USSD, do so by dialling the number mentioned here and follow the instructions thereafter.
  3. GovChat: https: //  Another method you can use is GovChat which is the SA Government messenger chat platform. You may also go to Facebook: in order to use the messenger platform.SASSA implemented these new paths for applications due to the WhatsApp channel experiencing technical difficulties and SASSA’s SRD website becoming overloaded with huge traffic and, as a result, slowed down.

Try whichever method you prefer, and if it does not work try another one. Remember, you only need to apply once and wait for the response. You may often go to to check your R350 application status.