SASSA payments dates for august 2022 new updates

SASSA payments dates for august 2022 new updates

SASSA encourages holders of the SASSA card to use bank ATMs and Supermarkets to withdraw their money. SASSA also reminds clients that the SASSA card is also a debit card.If you have forgotten your card pin code , you can go and reset it at any post office.

Here are confirmed SASSA Grant August 2022 payment dates:

  1. Older Persons grant :02 August 2022
  2. Disability Grant : Wednesday, 03 August 2022
  3. Children’s support grant : Thursday, 04 August 2022

Where to collect SASSA grant money?

The SASSA card is also a debit card.

SASSA said clients can use the card to purchase goods and withdraw cash.

All clients are advised that they can use their SASSA card at ATMs or supermarkets like Boxer, Pick ’n Pay, U-save, Shoprite, Checkers, including other outlets.

 Clients receiving grants at paypoints were advised to create a PIN when collecting their grants during the July/august 2022 payment. This will enable them to use their SASSA card to draw their money at ATMs and supermarkets like Pick ’n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, U-save and other outlets.

They can also access their money on any day during and after the payment without going to the paypoints on the date specified.

Your funds can be kept safely in your card and there is no need to draw all of it at once. You can even use your card to pay at supermarkets instead of drawing cash.

How much is SASSA Grant now 2022?

This is how much SASSA is paying its clients in 2022

  • Disability Grants is R1980.00
  •  Children grants is R480.00
  • Older Persons’ grant  is divided in two categories: 
  1. For those aged 60 to 75 years is R1980.00
  2. For those aged 75 and above is R2000.00
SASSA Contact details

For enquiries call SASSA Toll Free: 0800 60 10 11 or visit for more informationAlso read : How to Reconfirm SASSA SRD R350 at