SASSA Disability Grant payment date August 2022

About Sassa Disability grants

SASSA has many social grant categories.A social disability grant is a grant paid by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to the people living with temporary or permanent disabilities, 

Other form of social grants are:

Disability grant ,Grant for older persons ,War veteran’s grant, Foster child grant ,Care dependency grant ,Child support grant and Grant-in-aid. 

Social Relief of Distress Grant 

In times of other disasters such as pandemic / disease like covid-19 South African government will provide the social assistants via SASSA or other ways, these assistants can be in the form of money or food or any other goods. Sassa may also provide Social Relief or Distress Grant for Disasters , this we have seen during covid19 pandemic.

Where can you withdraw SASSA grant money

SASSA said that clients can withdraw their month at the ATMs and retailer supermarkets , like boxer , Shoprite , pick n pay and Usave , they also added that there is no need for clients to withdraw all their money at one. Your SASSA card is a debit card.

SASSA Disability Grant payment date August 2022

Disability Grant: 03 August 2022

Other SASSA social grant Payments for August 2022

  1. Older Persons Grant: 02 August 2022 
  2. Child grant and other grants: 04 August 2022

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