How to Find Graduate Jobs With No Experience

For most students, graduation day is a symbol of the end of a long and tedious journey, and as well as the beginning of the careers they have been hoping to pursue during their years of study. Since some of those people lack experience in the field they have chosen, this is where they can begin their employment hunt.

South Africa’s unemployment rate has reached record highs with the majority of the unemployed being young people.

Many individuals only have a paper that they qualify to occupy space in their chosen career but the lack of experience gets in the way of them receiving employment opportunities.

It can be difficult to find a job without having any professional experience even if you have managed to secure your degree or qualification at a tertiary institution. 

However, there are many companies and organisations that are looking to employ graduates regardless of whether or not they have professional experience. In most cases, the employer will provide the necessary training for the professional space. 

You can find graduate jobs that don’t require experience on various platforms. So where should one find graduate jobs when you have no experience?

Latest Graduate Jobs

You can search for graduate jobs in your chosen career path on the Careers Portal website, which lists jobs and internships at various companies around South Africa. 

Job vacancies for graduates without experience are also published on online platforms such as SA Youth and keep up with Career Help on Twitter.

Graduates who are aiming to work at a specific company can check for vacancies on the company’s website to apply for jobs which require no experience. 

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can use the computers at your local library for 45 minutes each day per person by just showing the librarian your library card. These days, there is WiFi available in public spaces like libraries and other places in residential areas.

Graduates who are actively looking for jobs online might benefit from platforms like SA Youth, which are data-free.

According to Strategy Director at Yellowwood, Ntombizamasala Hlophe, the mistake made by most people is that they look up to the private or the public sector rather than self-income, thus limiting their choices, even going into bottle-neck industries.

It is for this reason that Hlophe has highlighted that it is important that students are made aware of different streams that one can make use of to generate an income and job definitions.

SA Council for Graduates’ Thamsanqa Maqubela also indicated that prospective students ought to be mindful of entrepreneurial opportunities, and the ability to see such opportunities should be a skill that is honed at a young age.

It is for this reason that some experts have pointed out that adopting a problem-solving mindset will make the South African youth thrive in their respective industries and help resolve joblessness in graduates.