New SASSA R700 Grant Scam 2023 , SASSA warns Beneficiaries Against Falling For the scam

Those who are looking to defraud Sassa grant beneficiaries are at it again, despite it being a new year. This has prompted the agency to warn beneficiaries against sharing their details with people that misrepresent themselves as Sassa officials.

Social grant recipients have been cautioned by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) about a misleading statement that has recently been circulating on social media.

The message in question claims that Sassa is providing an application form for a R700 monthly grant for people aged between 18 and 35. The misleading message goes on to claim that more than 650 000 people are due to receive the above-mentioned grant

Sassa has confirmed that the circulating message is fake and has strongly cautioned grant beneficiaries to not share their personal details with people who represent themselves as Sassa officials.

The same statement appears to have also surfaced in the form of an SMS, which was also flagged as false by Sassa.

Please be aware of the below fake news. SASSA does not offer such a grant. We urge our beneficiaries to protect their personal details. DO NOT share YOUR ID NUMBERS WITH strangers. 

The official responsibility of the agency is to administer social grants to financially vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the country. Thus, social grant recipients are always advised to only contact Sassa through the following official channels:


You can find the official Sassa website by going to Here, you will be led to the Sassa home page, where you will find announcements about grants and relevant media releases or information on the various Sassa grants that you might be looking for.

For the official South African Government website page on Sassa, go to On this website, you will find many different resources about tax, assistance for foreign nationals and other relevant information to assist you.

For the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant website, you can go to Here you will find more information on the SRD grant and how to apply for it. This is where you can also track your application status.

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