What are the requirements to apply for this Job?

Successful completion of Pre-entry Certificate for SMS as endorsed by the
National School of Government (NSG). Applicants must be in possession of a
Grade 12 Certificate and Bachelor`s Degree or Advanced Diploma in Public
Administration / Public Management / Business Administration / Management
/ Legal Qualification / Agriculture / Economics (NQF Level 7). Minimum of 5
years’ experience in senior management position. Job related knowledge:
Ability to implement an outcome-based performance approach. Ability to
coordinate the Provincial Office functions to achieve departmental objectives.
Ability to initiate and coordinate the implementation of strategic DALRRD
development projects to improve service delivery. Ability to develop and
implement corporate governance framework and ensure the Provincial Office
function effectively and efficiently. Ability to develop and implement corporate
performance monitoring programme. Ability to think conceptually when
analysing data and designing concepts to modify and improve implementation
of corporate policies, procedures, and processes. Proven experience in Project
Management. Job related skills: Good monitoring and evaluation skills. Good
problem-solving skills. Skills to design and implement change management
programmes. Ensure good customer care. A valid driver’s licence. Willingness
to travel. Ability to interact at all levels within both management and
Intergovernmental Relations context.

How much will you be paid ?

SALARY : R1 308 051 per annum (Level 14), (all-inclusive remuneration package). The
package includes a basic salary (70% of package), and a flexible portion that
may be structured in accordance with the rules for Senior Management
Services (SMS)

Where is the job located ?

CENTRE : Chief Directorate: Provincial Office: Eastern Cape (East London Ref No:

What are the duties for this job post?

Manage, oversee and monitor the implementation of Departmental Services
and Programmes at Provincial and District levels. Deliver and coordinate
Provincial Cooperatives and Enterprise Development Programmes. Deliver
and coordinate Provincial Rural Infrastructure Development Programme.
Coordinate the provision of land acquisition services. Coordinate Land
Development Support. Provide youth and skills development services that
contribute to economic upliftment. Provide property management services.
Coordinate implementation of land tenure and land rights programmes. Provide
spatial planning and land use management services at Provincial level.
Manage and oversee the production and submission of programme and
projects reports Facilitate the implementation of cooperatives and enterprise
development initiatives. Facilitate the implementation of rural infrastructural
development initiatives. Provide capacity building and National Rural Youth
Service Corps (NARYSEC) services. Facilitate the implementation of national
development support initiatives. Facilitate the implementation of strategic land
acquisition initiatives. Facilitate the implementation of property management
initiatives. Facilitate the implementation of tenure reform initiatives. Render
corporate and financial support services. Provide project management
services. Collate and provide projects ‘data to the Office of the Chief Director:
Provincial Office. Direct and oversee the maintenance of response handling
systems to facilitate requests and queries from DALRRD Head Office and
external stakeholders. Facilitate the integration of planning, resource allocation
and performance management of outcomes of the Provincial Office through
the Corporate Governance Framework. Lead the development and
implementation of consistent corporate performance monitoring and evaluation
to focus on the delivery of Provincial Office Annual Performance Plan
outcomes. Ensure robust governance, effective decision making, value for
money and appropriate benefits are achieved through corporate activity, policy
and strategy frameworks. Provide assistance with the initiation, management,
coordination and the implementation of strategic corporate projects. Establish
and maintain internal and external networks to monitor trends and best practice
in corporate governance. Manage and oversee the rendering of financial,
supply chain and corporate support services in the Provincial Office. Oversee
human resource administration support. Oversee safety and security services
within the Province. Manage records and information. Oversee information
technology support services. Oversee communication and events
management services. Monitor the mainstreaming of gender and
transformation initiatives in development programme. Advise, liaise and
coordinate with district corporate services on issues that may arise. Provide
financial support services. Provide supply chain, facilities and office
administration services. Liaise and interact with relevant stakeholders in the
Province. Oversee and provide support in community participation, community
planning, corporate and operational planning, program performance reporting,
corporate project, policy, strategy and infrastructure development and
implementation, and corporate governance development and implementation.
Ensure provincial compliance through management of information, risk and

where to Apply for this job ?

Applications for Eastern Cape Province can be submitted by post to: P.O
Box 1716, East London, 5201 or hand delivered during office hours to: Corner
Moore Coutts Street, Ocean Terrace View, Block H, Quigney, East London,
Applications for Western Cape province can be submitted by post to:
Private Bag X10, Mowbray 7710 or hand delivered during office hours to: 14
Long Street, 5th Floor, Cape Town, 8001.

Where to send enquiries about this job ?

Enquiries for Eastern Cape Ms N Boya Tel No: (043) 701 8113 / 4 and enquiries
for Western Cape Mr Z Bastile Tel No: (021) 409 0570