SASSA grants Payment dates for September 2022

SASSA payment starts on the second day of the month.

The first SASSA grant is going to be an Older persons grant , then the next day will be disabled people grant and then child grant on the third day.

Lost SASSA card pin 

If you have lost or forgotten the pin for your SASSA card , you can reset it at your nearest post office . If you use a bank card , you must go to your bank and reset the lost or forgotten pin code.

SASSA grants Payment dates for September 2022 

Order person’s Grant : Friday 02-09-2022 

Disabled person’s Grant : Monday 05-09-2022

Child support grant : Tuesday 06-09-2022

SASSA SRD R350 Payment dates for September 2022

  • To check the payment dates for the SRD grant , you must be an approved srd beneficiary.
  • TO check your payment dates , go to the SASSA SRD website
  • Scroll to “Application Status” or click:
  • Enter the ID and phone numbers used to submit application and login
  • Now select the month you want to check the pay date for.

If you Approved and the pay date has already been updated , it will appear.

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