SASSA SRD R350 Grant Status Check and Payment Dates February 2023

Here we are giving you the current payment details for the month of February 2023 regarding the SASSA SRD R350.

As we are already on the month on February, our hopes are high expecting that SASSA will officially rollover the February 2023 module.

If you cannot currently see February available, just be patient or else you can reconfirm your application by updating your details, when you do that you will now see February appearing and pending.

It is most likely SASSA will officially rollover the February onto the system by the close of the second week of the month and subsequently approvals will follow.

As has been discussed, try your best to submit your personal bank account to enjoy the convenience of receiving your grants in your bank account without necessary going to the retail shops and creating all sorts of disappointments.

To check your SRD R350 application status and payment date for the month of February 2023, follow these steps :

  • Follow this link
  • Enter your ID number and phone number currently used in the system.
  • Submit by clicking on the submit button
  • Choose the month of February if available.
  • Check for its status if approved with or without pay date.
  • If without pay date, just be patient until the pay date is assigned.
  • However, if pay date is assigned, then wait until deposit is made into your account.