Transnet Jobs for people with Grade 10

If you have Grade 10, this could be your chance to work at Transnet. They are looking for candidates in
their Durban facilities. Apply online now.
The closing date is on 17.02.2023. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that HR has received
the application
before the closing date of the advertisement.
Note: if you have not been contacted within 30 days of the closing date of this advertisement please
consider your application as unsuccessful.
Operating Division : Transnet NPA
Position Title : Marine Shorehand x 10
Employee Group : Permanent
Department : Marine Services
Location : Durban
Reporting To : Senior Berthing Master
Grade Level : K1
Reference Number : 10280999

Position Purpose:
The provision of berthing and related services to the Maritime Industry.
The result of the service provision is as follows:
. Berthed and sailed vessels.
. Provided fresh water to vessels
. Maintained navigational aids and Dry-dock and slipway
. Controlled pollution
Position outputs:


• Make up heaving lines, including splicing ropes and making of “monkey’s fist”.

PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such
requests are fraudulent. Please report any
suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
• Make fast or let go the mooring ropes of vessels entering or leaving a berth.
• Make fast or let go vessels using the mooring buoys, working in dangerous conditions on the buoy or
from a launch
(inner anchorage)
• Warp vessels i.e.: shift vessels from quay to quay.
• Handle slip and surge dock wires when vessels are entering or leaving the graving dock or slipway
(slipping of vessels).
• Act as crew on unmanned vessels: i.e.: handle mooring lines on board such vessels including newly built
vessels on slip.
• Determine the correct sequence of placement of mooring ropes on bollards.
• Assist with slipping and de-slipping of vessels at slipways across the port system


• Identify equipment (meters, hoses and standpipes) for particular use.
• Connect and disconnect water pipes from quay to vessel and on vessel if no crew available.
• Assist with maintenance of equipment (meters, hoses and standpipes) including replacing washers,
cleaning and packing.


• Handling of buoys (lifting from position and replacement, connect and disconnect chains and shackles)
• Chipping, scraping and painting of buoys.
• Placing of blocks in dry-docks and on wharf for buoys
• Splicing of ropes and wires
• Handling of conveyor system for passenger liner luggage


• Deployment of pollution equipment and undertake clean-up duties of all spillage’s (oil and chemicals)
both land and water, in the event of incidents.
• Removal of debris from water and shore.
• Assist with salvage operations.
• Crew on harbour pollution craft


• Cleaning of ablution blocks, vehicles and surrounding areas.
• Assisting various departments in Port housekeeping and duties, especially in smaller ports with limited
• Preparing craft for functions, e.g.: laying of deck boards on floating crane.
• Preparation of passenger terminal for passenger vessels and functions.
Qualifications & Experience:
. Grade 10
. NIL Experience
. Pass Rope Test and Medicals
• Knowledge of basic seamanship incl. knots and rope and wire splicing.
• Knowledge of sequencing of mooring ropes/wires on bollards.
• Knowledge of correct methods of preparation and painting of metal and wooden surfaces.
• Knowledge of equipment used in supply of fresh water to vessels including identification, deployment, maintenance and stowage.
• Knowledge of equipment used in pollution prevention, spillage cleaning and salvage operations
identification, deployment, maintenance and stowage.
• Knowledge of procedures involved in combating pollution within the Port area including waterborne
oil and chemical spillage and safety precautions to be observed.


Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are
fraudulent. Please report any
suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.


• Physically capable of performing all duties.
• Willing to undertake arduous physical work at all times, in all weather conditions.
• Adaptable, willing to operate in a multi- skilled, multifunctional environment
• Service orientated.
• Literacy level sufficient to undergo training on modular programme and to follow written instruction.
• Willing to work shifts as required.
• Willing to work extended hours if required to work in emergency situations e.g. salvage.
• Willing to undergo training programmes in all aspects of duties.
• Willing to work outside of Port confines in the event of environmental emergencies.
NB: Applications must be hand delivered at 237 Mahatma Gandhi Road Queenswarehouse Building

How to Apply for these Transnet Positions

Apply online on Transnet Recruitment Portal

Closing Date

The applications closes 17 February 2023.

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