Transnet Marine Shorehand x10 Vacancies

There are now a bunch of Transnet vacancies availableaimed towards attracting results driven individuals who are suitably qualified and who can aspire to even greater heights in their company.

Transnet proudly operates and controls South Africa’s major transport infrastructure networks and in expanding their operations globally, we hold a vision to become Africa’s world champion in transport and logistics solutions.

Transnet is a leading world-class employer, boasting a highly motivated workforce in excess of 55000 employees. 

To provide a property maintenance service through excellent workmanship.

The provision of berthing and related services to the Maritime Industry. The result of the service provision is as follows: . Berthed and sailed vessels. . Provided fresh water to vessels . Maintained navigational aids and Dry-dock and slipway . Controlled pollution


  • Grade 10
  • NIL Experience
  • Pass Rope Test and Medicals
  • Knowledge of basic seamanship incl. knots and rope and wire splicing.
  • Knowledge of sequencing of mooring ropes/wires on bollards.
  • Knowledge of correct methods of preparation and painting of metal and wooden surfaces.
  • Knowledge of equipment used in supply of fresh water to vessels including identification, deployment, maintenance and stowage.
  • Knowledge of equipment used in pollution prevention, spillage cleaning and salvage operations including identification, deployment, maintenance and stowage.
  • Knowledge of procedures involved in combating pollution within the Port area including waterborne debris, oil and chemical spillage and safety precautions to be observed


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