Eskom load shedding and SASSA payments

Use your SASSA Card at ATMs or supermarkets.

Your SASSA card is a debit card and just like any other bank debit card you can withdraw money at any bank ATM or supermarkets . Said SASSA OFFICIAL twitter.

PRESS RELEASE 2022: ‘Social grant recipients urged to use alternative payment methods to receive their grants’

Most people still believe that sassa social grants can only be withdrawn at the particular supermarkets and not bank atm, however the truth is that you can use both and it does not mean you must withdraw all your money at once.

Eskom Load Shedding Affecting SASSA payments 

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Power utility, Eskom has given a warning of Stage 2 or higher of load shedding. This comes after the high demand for electricity led to power outages across the country.

“Unfortunately, the impact of the outage affects access to services across many of our channels including ATMs, retail merchants, and in-branch transactions. “

So if you are a beneficiary of any SASSA grant , it is best to know the schedule for the next load shedding before you can go to town to withdraw your grant money , 

Best load eskom shedding app

Knowing your load shedding is as good as having a good load shedding APP :

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SASSA payment at bank

If you no longer want to use a sassa card for any sassa grant , you can go and open a bank account and go and update your payment method and account number at sassa offices or via sassa website. But you must make sure that the new banking details are your own since sassa will never pay you in someone else’s bank account.

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