How To Submit A Sassa Grant Appeal For September 2023

It can be extremely concerning if you require a social grant from the South Africa Social Security Agency (Sassa) but the agency rejects your application for financial support. There is a way to appeal Sassa’s decision to reject your grant application. 

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has the critical function of distributing social grants to millions of vulnerable people in South Africa. It is estimated that more than 18 million people receive permanent grants distributed by the agency. 

Permanent grants are provided to people who have submitted a grant application and been approved by Sassa for payment. Sassa will only pay a grant to beneficiaries when they are satisfied that all the eligibility criteria have been met and the applicant has provided all the required documentation. 

Sassa distributes several permanent grants to beneficiaries. These permanent grants include the Older Persons grant, Disability grant, War Veterans grant, Care Dependency grant, Foster Child grant, Child Support grant, Child Support grant Top-Up and Grant-in-aid.

Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for one of these permanent grants may submit a Sassa grant application in person at a Sassa office or online in the Sassa services portal. 

What To Do If Your Grant Application Is Rejected? 

Individuals who believe they meet the eligibility criteria for grants distributed by Sassa but whose applications for a grant were rejected may submit an appeal. 

It’s important to know that Sassa must inform you why your grant application was rejected. 

Once you know why your grant application is rejected and believe Sassa was wrong to reject your application, you can submit an appeal.

The staff at the local office will advise on the process to follow to submit your appeal application. 

Why Grant Payments Stop 

Sassa may decide to suspend your grant payments. This usually occurs when the grant payment agency conducts a grant review and finds that you no longer qualify for the grant. 

Beneficiaries must stay proactive in notifying Sassa about any changes in their circumstances as failure to inform Sassa could lead to your grant payments being suspended. 

How To Contact Sassa For Grant Appeal Enquiries

If you have more questions about grant appeals or require additional information about grant appeals can contact Sassa directly by calling the Sassa toll free number on 080060 10 11 or by sending an email.Serious concerns can be escalated to the Sassa head office.