I Only Asked Him To Impregnate My Wife, But Now He Wants The Child

Robert had always been a man of means. He had worked hard, climbed the corporate ladder, and amassed a small fortune that afforded him a life of luxury. But there was one thing he couldn’t provide for his wife, and that was a child.

Robert had always known that he was infertile, but it wasn’t until he married his first wife that the full extent of the problem became apparent. She had been desperate for a child, and after years of trying, she had given up and left him.

When Robert met his second wife, he knew that he couldn’t afford to lose her too. So, he came up with a plan. He paid one of his workers, a young man named Kwame, to sleep with his wife and impregnate her. In exchange, he promised Kwame a new life in a foreign land.

It had all gone according to plan. Kwame had done his part, and Robert had kept his end of the bargain, setting him up in a new home and business in a foreign land. But now, six years later, Kwame was back, and he wanted his son.

Robert was at a loss. He had never intended for this to happen, and he didn’t know how to explain it to his wife. How could he tell her that their son was the product of a paid arrangement with a worker?

Robert’s wife had always been suspicious of the circumstances of their son’s birth, but she had never voiced her concerns. Now, she was starting to ask questions, and Robert knew that he couldn’t keep the truth from her any longer.

When Robert finally sat down with his wife and told her the truth, she was devastated. She couldn’t believe that he had gone behind her back to have another man impregnate her. She was hurt and betrayed, and she didn’t know how to move forward.

As for Kwame, he was insistent that he wanted his son back. He had built a successful business and was now financially stable enough to provide for his son. Robert didn’t know what to do. He had promised Kwame that he would never have to return to Ghana or contact his wife, but now he was back, and he wanted his son.

In the end, Robert had to make a difficult decision. He knew that he had made a mistake, and he was willing to do whatever it took to make it right. He agreed to let Kwame have custody of his son, but he made him promise that he would never reveal the truth to him.

It was a painful decision, but Robert knew that it was the right thing to do. He had hurt his wife and betrayed her trust, and he knew that he could never fully make amends for what he had done. But he hoped that by giving his son the opportunity to know his biological father, he could at least provide him with some closure and a sense of belonging.

Story by : South Africa Ask