SASSA grants payments dates for November 2022

SASSA have published the payments dates for November 2022

In this post you will learn about the November Sassa grants payment dates. These dates were published by Sassa as part of their annual social grant payment schedule.

How to collect your SASSA Grants in South Africa?

SASSA has made it easy for its clients to collect their money on time .Below are some ways in which you or grant beneficiaries can withdraw or cashout the grants from their Sassa cards.

Bank ATMs and Retailers

SASSA Said your SASSA card is also a debit card and just like any debit card , you can withdraw your money at any bank ATMs and retail shops like Boxer , shoprite and U-save, any day starting from the payment date for your grant. SASSA Also said that clients are not forced to withdraw all their money at one.

Pay Points

Some people still prefer to get their money from pay points where cash cars travel to certain pay points in villages and townships.

Paying for items with the Sassa Card

You may also use your Sassa social grant card to pay for groceries in retailers with a speed point or swiping machines.

Sassa Grants November Payment Dates

Here are payment dates for November 2022

Old Persons / Old Age Grant November payment date

 Old persons grant payments date is : 02 November 2022

Disability grant November Payment date

The payment date for disability grant is : 03 November 2022

Child support grant November Payments Dates

Child support grant payment date for October is : 04 November 2022.

SASSA SRD R350 grant November Payments Dates

This grant has no specific payment date and it differs from person to person. If you want to know your October payment date ,you must 

  • Go to SASSA SRD R350 grant website 
  • Login using your ID number and Cell phone number used to submit your applications .
  • Then select the month in question , in this case , October and click the drop down button to view your Status and payment date.

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