UJ Registration dates for 2024

Registration dates

First Year Students: Registration opens on 19 January 2024 and closes on 9 February 2024 (only online, off-campus registrations will be allowed). Register as early as possible due to programmes being filled during the first few days of registration. Spaces cannot be guaranteed.

Senior and Returning Students: Registration opens on 15 January 2024 until 9 February 2024 (only online, off-campus registration will be allowed) for returning/continuing students.

Registration Compliance Clearance for all International students (New and Continuing) will start on the 2nd of January 2024.

Please note that registration for all International Students will start on the 8th of January 2024.

Vaccination Information for students

Suspension of COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination measures.

The UJ Council approved be relaxing of some of our Mandatory Vaccination Policy stipulations and Implementation Protocols.

Should there be an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections and in the resultant risk to our staff, students, and third parties, the University may be required to reinstate the suspended measures.

Registration Information Letters

New First Year Undergraduate Student Registration Information

Returning Student Registration Information

New Postgraduate Registration Information

College of Business and Economics Extended 1st Year Letter

Fraudulent activities outside and Inside University premises.

We alert all our students of the scavengers’ activities that are happening within and outside our campuses. These activities are happening in the form of scams and fraud.

It has come to our attention that there are individuals who pose as university employees or student representatives in an attempt to defraud our students. These individuals will promise to assist students with academic space, bursaries, student accommodation and or registration assistance in an exchange of cash. Once they are given the money, they will either vanish without trace or use fraudulent credit cards in carrying out their promises, the credit card transaction will at the end be reversed leaving the students with enormous debt.

The University of Johannesburg is a cashless environment, and no amount of money must be given to any of our staff members or students representatives to get any assistance. Students and parents are urged to always be alert and to only interact with the university using the official platforms. We also urge them to report any suspicious activities to our fraud line.

Tel: 0800 872 846
Email: uj@tip-offs.com
Website: www.tip-offs.com

Steps to register online: