What does SASSA SRD R624 Threshold mean?

Confused about the R624 Threshold and what does it mean?


Under SASSA SRD R350 new rules , applicants were eligible to apply for the grant only if they do not have other monthly income of more than R350.

SASSA said :By the end of March of this year 2023 they were covering 10.9-million people by SRD R350 grant.Before the current round began , SASSA monthly budget have been changed to only cover 10.5-million people , that is 0.4-million less, to compensate this they had to come up with a new way to remove some people off the system by decreasing the threshold to R350.

Now those rules have been amended and applicants who have a monthly income of less than R624 qualify to apply for the SRD R350.

Under the third round, SASSA introduced the testing of income against the bank account for all applicants, and not only those who had been declined. It should be noted that the maximum allowable income was set at R350, which meant that every applicant who was found to have received an income exceeding R350 in their bank account would be excluded. 

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SASSA SRD R624 threshold interpretations and corrections

Wrong information :Some sources have been reporting that the new SASSA SRD R624 threshold means that clients will now receive R624 SRD grant instead of the original R350 grant.

Correct information : SASSA SRD grant is still R350 per month.

Correct information : People who receive an income of at-most R624 per month now qualify for SASSA SRD R350 grant. 

Source : SASSA official Tweeter