where to reconfirm sassa srd R350 srd.sassa.gov.za

where to reconfirm sassa srd R350 srd.sassa.gov.za

Sassa have received more than 5 million reconfirmations already and others are still poring in, however many are still confused about the process and where about.

If you have applied for SASSA SRD R350 you will notice that if it is not about re-applications  SASSA always come up with new updates to better the system or to fight the fraud around the SRD money.

On the first half most people got caught cheating the system , since the system was still new , it was made possible for others to cheat it.

Now that the covid-19 SRD is more than two year old , most tactic are now in the open and the are very much useless.

Now that we are in the third leg of SRD , SASSA have also introduced a new url for appeals only , srd.dsd.gov.za and srd.sassa.gov.za is the one used to update any other information of the clients , this include banking details , correcting name , screening questions.

updating personal information is now easy.

If your application was declined , it is best for you to start by updating your information before you can appeal . SASSA encourages everyone to revisit their screening questions this way SASSA will know if you still qualify or you got declined but you qualify now.

SRD R350 Banking details updating

This is one of the most frustrating thing for those who have been getting their SRD grant via Post office , some had to open bank card where else others have to travel to town to collect their money at the selected retail shops.

If you open a bank card now and you can not maintain it , it is a big problem because now you will have to pay monthly fees . SASSA does not allow anyone to use someone else bank account , they say you must strictly have your own, unfortunately chances of getting SRD every month is very slim since SASSA is only paying 10 million clients per month. this means that , even if you qualify and got approval , you might not get the money sooner.

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