Why You No Longer Receive Sassa Grant Payments

Millions of vulnerable people rely on social grants to survive every month. Grant beneficiaries could face serious challenges if these monthly grants payments suddenly stop.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes more than 18 million permanent grants to vulnerable individuals living in South Africa every month. Vulnerable individuals rely on these grants, which allow them to purchase basic goods and access essential services. 

It can therefore be extremely stressful if for some reason Sassa stops processing your grant and you cannot purchase basic goods and services. The grant payment agency has revealed reasons why you may no longer receive your Sassa grant payment. 

Sassa explained that grant payments can stop for several different reasons. These reasons could include grant suspension, lapsing of a grant and a review of a grant. 

Suspension Of Grants 

A grant may be suspended for several reasons. Many of these reasons relate to a change in the beneficiaries’ circumstances. Grant beneficiaries must ensure they keep Sassa up to date with any change in their circumstances. 

A change in circumstance can refer to several things. This includes a change of address, a change of the beneficiary’s marital status or a change in their financial position. If a beneficiary does not inform Sassa of these changes, their grant may be suspended. 

Sasssa may also suspend a Child Support Grant if the child for whom the beneficiary receives a grant is no longer in their care.

It is the responsibility of beneficiaries to keep Sassa informed of changes in their circumstances and means and to respond to any correspondence received. 

Grants may also be suspended by Sassa pending the outcome of a review or if the beneficiary fails to cooperate when a grant is reviewed. 

Failure to submit required documents, and committing fraudulent activity or misrepresentation will also lead to the suspension of a grant. 


Sassa reserves the right to review a beneficiary’s social grant if they believe the beneficiary’s circumstances have changed. When beneficiaries apply for a grant, they are required to submit documents in support of their grant applications. This includes scaling their income. 

A change in circumstances may result in a grant beneficiary failing to meet the eligibility criteria for a grant. 

Sassa may request the beneficiary to provide a life certificate. A life certificate refers to a proof of life. They may even conduct an electronic interface to confirm that the beneficiary of a grant is alive. 

You will be notified 30 days in advance of the date of the review or the date on which the life certificate is due. 

Lapsing Of Grants 

Sassa revealed that grant payments will stop if a grant lapses. A grant may lapse if the beneficiary does not collect their money for an extended period, if a beneficiary’s health status changes or if a beneficiary leaves the country for an extended period.

Grants will also lapse if the beneficiary dies. 

In terms of the child support grant, if the child dies, the grant will lapse. A child support grant will also lapse if the child for whom the grant is received turns 18 years old. 

If a beneficiary does not collect a grant for three consecutive months or if the beneficiary is absent from the Republic of South Africa for three consecutive months, the grant will lapse. 

Grants will also lapse when a grant beneficiary is admitted to a state institution or if the period of temporary disability has lapsed. 

Should a grant be suspended due to failure to collect for more than three consecutive months or due to failure to review, an application must be made for the restoration of that grant within 30 days of the suspension.