Why Your SASSA R350 Grant Status Is ‘UIF Registered’

You might have been one of those unlucky individuals who had their SRD grant application rejected. If the reason why was ‘UIF registered’, keep reading to find out what this means and what you can do next.

Should you R350 grant application be declined due to being ‘UIF registered’, we can help you decipher what this means and what steps you need to take.

‘UIF registered’ means that SASSA found that you are receiving or are eligible for UIF benefits. This then shows that you are receiving other funds or that you are not unemployed, which would mean you don’t qualify.

The main requirements for the SRD grant is that you do not receive any other sources of income as well as no UIF benefits or other grants, NSFAS included.

If you find that you are registered with UIF and benefit from them, you aren’t eligible for the grant and should not do anything else about it. However, if you find that this is not true and that you indeed are not employed and don’t receive UIF benefits, you are urged to submit a R350 grant appeal.

The appeal has to be lodged on the website within 30 days of when your rejection status became available to you.

This appeal will mean that SASSA has to reconsider your application and you will have to give them good reason as to why you believe you should receive the grant.

How To Appeal For SRD Grant

  1. Go to Sassa Appeals Website
  2. Enter ID number
  3. Enter telephone number
  4. Lodge appeal

Once you’ve submitted your SRD appeal, you will then need to track it. 

The outcome of your appeal will be relayed to you through SMS.